Weighbridge installed at Alex Fraser Brisbane Site - SWIA QLD

A Single Deck Weighbridge, 26m long was recently installed at the Alex Fraser site on the north side of Brisbane. With strict time frames and a deadline to meet, Australasia Scales experienced project management team was called into action, a plan was set-out, all milestones achieved in a timely manner, and the project completed within

WBK Load Cells - SWIA Refitting

  The weighbridge was installed almost 2 decades ago, and recently failed due to severe lightning strikes experienced across the South East QLD region towards the end of NOV 2013. The replacement weighbridge load cells were fitted in less than 24 hrs, with Australasia Scales technicians working around the clock to ensure downtime was limited

Waste Transfer Station - SWIA QLD

The fully galvanised 9m weighbridge, with a heavy duty construction design was recently installed at a metal recycler in Hemmant Queensland, this pit-type design installation is best suited to the limited space/area at this site. Having a weighing capacity of 30,000kg, six heavy duty weighbridge load cells having a 30t weighing capacity each are fitted