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At Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia we have a large range of platform scales to suit the needs of any business across a range of industries. We can supply platform scales to fit a variety of applications including: Agriculture and Produce Mining, Quarry and Waste Retail and Food Distribution and Logistics Medical, Health and Fitness

Digital Load Cells - SWIA Weighbridge Inspection QLD

Are you getting the most out of your weighing equipment? Equipment for weighing and measuring can be paired with intelligent software to collect and analyse the data generated, giving you real insight into your processes. Analysing and Collecting Data Modern equipment for weighing and measuring is capable of delivering real insights into your business. When

SWIA Scale Servicing On The Sunshine Coast

OVERVIEW Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia have been providing service and maintenance to the Sibelco Parkhurst site for a number of years. SWIA were engaged to maintain approximately twenty weighing machines, including bagging machines, check scales, container tilters and a weighbridge. THE PROCESS SWIA began by developing a service and preventative maintenance agreement. The team

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In the manufacturing industry, weighing and inspection equipment is essential for quality control and to ensure that manufacturers are not giving away too much of their product or short-changing their customers, which can lead to loss of contracts and fines. The correct equipment will ensure that you are producing high quality and compliant products. Inspection

SWIA Service Agreements

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) has been servicing weighing equipment for over thirty years. We specialise in providing service and maintenance for all weighing equipment, as well as the supply, installation, calibration and verification of weighing and inspection equipment and software. Weighing and inspection scales should be regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure accurate weight readings, equipment longevity and

Retail Weighing - SWIA Weighing Equipment

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) are excited to announce our Queensland retail-dedicated service. Our retail team is headed up by a retail weighing equipment expert! We have been working in the retail sector for over thirty years and have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of this fast-paced industry. Our Queensland Retail Service Team