40m split deck Weighbridge for Millmerran Quarry

Remote Display for weighbridge - SWIA Weighbridge

A Split Deck Weighbridge, 40 metres long was recently installed at a large Quarry in Millmerran, QLD.


The twin deck weighbridge comprises two individual weighbridge decks 20 metres long per section, and was installed end-to-end. Split weighing in this case is the process used for weighing the truck and trailer/s in two halves, and then combining both weight readings to attain the overall truck/trailer weight.

This Weighbridge was fitted with 6 x Flintec RC3D DIGITAL Load Cells and single Flintec FT-11D Indicator per weighbridge deck section, and a summing indicator connected for an overall total.

Australasia Scales weighbridge designs are available as above ground weighbridges, in-ground weighbridges or semi-pit weighbridges. You can read more about the different types of Weighbridges here