A Guide To Crane Scale Repair & Maintenance

If you or your business constantly uses a crane scale as part of your daily activities, you will no doubt be looking for a trusted crane scale repair Queensland industries can rely on.

In this article, we’ll cover what a crane scale can do for you, the importance of scheduling regular crane scale repair work, and why you need a professional crane scale repair service.

What is a crane scale?

Obviously, if you’re looking for a crane scale repair Queensland business you can trust, you probably know the basics of what a crane scale is. But, for the sake of this article, we’ll briefly run through it.

A crane scale is a small scale that can be hooked onto the pulley system of a crane to weigh the load a crane carries. Every crane has weight restrictions, whether it’s 22 kilograms or 22 tonnes. The crane scale is able to measure the amount of weight each crane can carry before you load the crane.

Why should we have regular crane scale repair work completed?

Most types of crane scales – particularly those supplied by SWIA – are digital and equipped with the latest in-application weighing technology.

As such, a digital scale will require a regular crane scale repair, service and maintenance schedule to ensure it is working properly.

If you don’t have regular crane scale repair work and maintenance completed as required, the crane scale might malfunction, which could result in an incorrect scale reading, and potentially cause major problems for you and your workers on site.

How frequently should a crane scale repair be completed?

A crane scale repair and maintenance service should be conducted once every three months, to circumvent any underlying issues with the crane scale and avoid a major crane scale repair Queensland business owners haven’t factored into their work schedule.

Crane scale repair and maintenance schedules involve:

0 – 3 months (or 12,500 cycles)

Dimension and safety checklist – including checking shackles, hooks, anchor eyelets
– Check for cracks and wear
– Digital calibration

Why choose SWIA for a crane scale repair Queensland manufacturers and industry leaders can trust?

Because of the digital calibration component to crane scales and safety laws and requirements, all crane scale repair work should be completed by an authorised crane scale repair specialist such as SWIA, in accordance with operational policies and procedures regulating the industry.

When it comes to crane scale repair work, there’s no one better than the team we have available. At SIWA, we specialise in crane scale repair work only rather than repair work on the whole crane itself. As such, when you organise to have your crane scale repaired through us, you can be assured that your repair work will be completed by an authorised crane scale repair specialist to the best of our ability.

We provide the best crane scale repair work in the state. To organise a crane scale repair Queensland industries can rely on, contact us today to discover what we can do for you.