Understanding Weighing Equipment Breakdowns & How to Avoid Them

Understanding Weighing Equipment Breakdowns & How to Avoid Them

In order to keep your business operating properly and making you money, your equipment needs to be running. Breakdowns cost time and money that your business can’t afford to lose. However, adequate product knowledge and maintenance can help you to avoid the cost of breakdowns.

Why do breakdowns happen?

There is no single reason for equipment to breakdown. However, the most common attribute is a lack of maintenance. Failure to regularly inspect your equipment creates room for issues to emerge. Some frequent issues include:

Moisture: If it is able to get through the seals, moisture can affect the proficiency of your equipment. Moisture can impact the load cells, which is a crucial part of any scale. It is important that your scales are always calibrated and inspected by a professional to check that your load cells have not been compromised.

The risk of moisture damage is highest in cases of prolonged submersion. This occurs most frequently in pit-style weighing equipment where the pit fills with water due to rain or other circumstances. At SWIA, we ensure in-pit equipment is installed with adequate drainage, however in cases of heavy rain where equipment is submerged for extended periods it is best to contact your service person to check and recalibrate your scales.

Hardware: Every piece of your equipment should be handled with expertise. A malfunction of even the smallest hardware can create a big problem. Hardware has the capacity to start a chain reaction of issues among the other pieces of the equipment. For example, breaks in linked wiring can short circuit your weighing indicator. A qualified service person will check all wiring and replace any wires that have worn down, saving your money in the long run.

Debris: Lack of cleaning and maintenance can cause a build-up of debris and dust. This build-up can cause a magnitude of problems if not properly cleaned. A self-levelling weigh platform can be wedged or restricted by a build-up of debris, so ensure your equipment is regularly maintained to avoid this.

Mechanical Failure: Equipment can also break down because of mechanical failure. This can be because of poor handiwork, parts. Misuse of equipment, such as dropping heavy product from height into weigh bins or weigh platform, or excessive breaking of trucks on weighbridge, can also cause mechanical failure.

How to avoid breakdowns?

Ensure your equipment is being properly handled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Equipment that is subjected to improper use can become damaged and malfunction. At SWIA, we can provide training to your staff on correct equipment usage.

Having a regular inspection schedule for your equipment will also decrease the chances of a breakdown. Fortunately, our team at SWIA offers Service Level Agreements to service your equipment on a routine schedule. Our Service Level Agreements provide regular maintenance for your equipment to help you prevent a breakdown and save you time and money. Contact us today to find out more about our Service Level Agreements and how they can help your business.