Axle Weighbridge for SCT Logistics Acacia Ridge

Axle Weigher Indicator Large Figure Display - SWIA QLD
These fully galvanised axle weighbridges are manufactured in Australia, and the heavy duty construction ensures these are suitable for weighing tri-axle groups.
Four heavy duty weighbridge load cells of 30t weighing capacity each are fitted to the axle weighbridges. The Flintec load cells are fully encased in stainless steel housings and rated to IP68, this is to eliminate potential water damage if the axle weighbridge is flooded during heavy rain.


A Rinstrum 5230 digital weight indicator display was fitted with axle weighing software. The indicator displays and stores the weight reading of each axle group during the weighing process and prints comprehensive weight tickets, listing all axle group weights as well as the total truck weight.


A Rinstrum D640 large digit remote display is externally mounted to allow truck drivers to view each axle group weight reading without leaving the truck’s cab.

Axle Weighbridges can be positioned in very limited spaces, however, the length of the level approaches has a great effect on achieved accuracy, which is less than all other weighbridge types.