Axle Weighbridges installed at Hi-Trans

Concrete Catch Basin - SWIA Weighing Refurbish

4 metre by 3 metre Galvanised Steel Axle Weighbridges fitted with R420 rinstrum indicators were installed at Hi-Trans Depots in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Hi-Trans Express is a national provider of dynamic freight, warehousing and logistics management services.

These types of axle weighbridges are ideal for the Transport Industry, Waste Industry, Forestry Industry, Demolition and Excavation Industry, and Marines/Ports.

Australasia Scales’ Axle Weighbridges detect axle overloading of vehicles and therefore is an effective prevention against fines for both axle and total load infringements. Fleet operators also find the axle weighbridges useful for the prevention of under loading, encouraging improvement of efficiency by maximising payloads.