Remote Display for weighbridge - SWIA Weighbridge

A Split Deck Weighbridge, 40 metres long was recently installed at a large Quarry in Millmerran, QLD.   The twin deck weighbridge comprises two individual weighbridge decks 20 metres long per section, and was installed end-to-end. Split weighing in this case is the process used for weighing the truck and trailer/s in two halves, and

Weighbridge installed at Alex Fraser Brisbane Site - SWIA QLD

A Single Deck Weighbridge, 26m long was recently installed at the Alex Fraser site on the north side of Brisbane. With strict time frames and a deadline to meet, Australasia Scales experienced project management team was called into action, a plan was set-out, all milestones achieved in a timely manner, and the project completed within

WBK Load Cells - SWIA Refitting

  The weighbridge was installed almost 2 decades ago, and recently failed due to severe lightning strikes experienced across the South East QLD region towards the end of NOV 2013. The replacement weighbridge load cells were fitted in less than 24 hrs, with Australasia Scales technicians working around the clock to ensure downtime was limited

Waste Transfer Station - SWIA QLD

The fully galvanised 9m weighbridge, with a heavy duty construction design was recently installed at a metal recycler in Hemmant Queensland, this pit-type design installation is best suited to the limited space/area at this site. Having a weighing capacity of 30,000kg, six heavy duty weighbridge load cells having a 30t weighing capacity each are fitted

Concrete Weighbridge - SWIA Supply and Installation

A weighbridge measuring 20m long by 3.5m wide was installed at the Roma Tip. Australasia Scales supplied and installed the above ground weighbridge, as well as the modular hut and weighbridge management software. The iWEIGH Solutions® Landfill Weighbridge Software Package comes complete with its own reporting. The package installed at this site includes a touch

Axle Weigher Indicator Large Figure Display - SWIA QLD

These fully galvanised axle weighbridges are manufactured in Australia, and the heavy duty construction ensures these are suitable for weighing tri-axle groups.   Four heavy duty weighbridge load cells of 30t weighing capacity each are fitted to the axle weighbridges. The Flintec load cells are fully encased in stainless steel housings and rated to IP68,

Weighbridge Maintenance & Cleaning

Dual Deck Weighbridge, 28m long was recently installed at Bracalba Quarry north of Brisbane.     Having 2 x 14 metre independent weighbridge decks, Truck and Dog vehicle combination’s split weights are easily attainable. Australasia Scales weighbridges with twin/dual deck configurations display the weight on each individual weighbridge deck separately through Rinstrum R423-K401 units, a

Old Weighbridge - SWIA QLD

    Weighbridge Load Cell Re-fit for Holcim-Blackwater`s ‘old’ weighbridge was recently carried out by our Rockhampton service team. The preferred system is the Flintec FT-11D indicator & six RC3D digital load cells, which fit effortlessly into most existing concrete in-fill weighbridges.         Not only are the components a testament to good

Weighbridge Controls: Protecting the Integrity Of Your Weighbridge

Stiffened raft slab weighbridge foundation solution for Gatton Waste Facility`s new 20m above ground concrete deck infill weighbridge. Prior to construction, an independent soil test report indicated moderately to highly reactive soil conditions with a low soil compaction – Australasia Scales standard Weighbridge Foundation’s design is based on stable soil conditions having a minimum soil

Mt Isa 20m Weighbridge - SWIA Supply and Installation

Mt Isa 20m Weighbridge For Refuse Station October 2011 Australasia Scales supplied, installed and trade verified a 20m x 3m above ground weighbridge at Mt Isa Refuse Station. The fully hot dipped galvanised steel concrete weighbridge is supported by 6 heavy duty CAS WBK canister type load cells, each with in-built lightning protection and IP68