Sensortronic Weighing & Inspection Australasia (SWIA) is proud to represent TeleMetrix in our local Australian market. Engineered and manufactured in France; TeleMetrix specialized products offer end-to-end solutions for the dynamic weighing of bulk product in industry. With a distribution and service network in Europe, Maghreb, Africa, Asia and AUSTRALIA ! The Telemetrix advantage emanates from innovative

Australian made wheeled loader onboard weighing solutions with a real state-wide service network Queensland extraction and logistics operators; Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) is pleased to welcome the Compuload range to our product portfolio. Whether you’re loading a truck and depend on accurate accumulative measurement for Chain of responsibility, or you’re contract crushing and billing

The Right Tools for the Job  Having precise and reliable weighing equipment across all industries is vital, from pharmaceuticals and medical industries to mining and wastage sites, accurate weighing is paramount to an efficient process. Having regular servicing on an ongoing basis will not only help to maintain current equipment, but also aid in preventing

Overview  At SWIA, our service packages aim to ensure that your weighbridge and other industrial weighing equipment are accurate and are in full working order. Our over 30 years of servicing experience across Queensland has taught us how to approach each problem to ensure all clients have peace of mind when we install, maintain and