SWIA Service Agreements

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) has been servicing weighing equipment for over thirty years. We specialise in providing service and maintenance for all weighing equipment, as well as the supply, installation, calibration and verification of weighing and inspection equipment and software. Weighing and inspection scales should be regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure accurate weight readings, equipment longevity and

Retail Weighing - SWIA Weighing Equipment

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) are excited to announce our Queensland retail-dedicated service. Our retail team is headed up by a retail weighing equipment expert! We have been working in the retail sector for over thirty years and have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of this fast-paced industry. Our Queensland Retail Service Team

Australasia Scales Central Queensland service team refurbished a Saleyard’s Cattle Weighbridge. The loadcell mounts were identified to be in poor  rusty condition. This would likely result in a critical failure in the near future.  Our experienced service team reused the existing CAS WBK loadcells that have proven to be a robust and reliable option in this

Weighbridge Servicing Queensland

Australasia Scales are experts in weighbridge calibration and testing. We are able to Trade verify weighbridges and scales. Fully licensed and experienced technicians will perform the necessary adjustments to verify the accuracy of the weighing unit for trade use. Our technicians will carrying out any repairs that may be required to keep the weighing equipment

CAS WBK Weighbridge Load Cell - SWIA Weighbridge

Australasia Scales recently refurbished a Cattle Weighbridge for Barmount Station Feedlot. Located halfway between Rockhampton and Mackay, the feedlot’s weighbridge desperately needed a overhaul.  This cattle weighbridge was fitted with a Trade Approved 10t  Stainless steel CAS WBK Weighbridge Load Cells. This particular load cell has a built in lightening protection device and is Hermetically

Weighbridge relocation - SWIA Solutions

Relocation and Commission of Weighbridge for a Holcim Quarry in Nerimbera.   Australasia Scales recently project managed the installation and commissioning of the Holcim, Nerimbera Quarry weighbridge located within the Rockhampton, QLD region. The 24m above ground weighbridge required new foundations and access ramps to be constructed prior to commissioning. As part of the installation

Old Weighbridge - SWIA QLD

    Weighbridge Load Cell Re-fit for Holcim-Blackwater`s ‘old’ weighbridge was recently carried out by our Rockhampton service team. The preferred system is the Flintec FT-11D indicator & six RC3D digital load cells, which fit effortlessly into most existing concrete in-fill weighbridges.         Not only are the components a testament to good

Rinstrum Tilt Indicator - SWIA Custom solutions

Tilt Weighing Indicators for EDI Mining Trucks We recently supplied and fitted Rinstrum tilt indicators and sensors to EDI Mining trucks at Goonyella and Mt Thorley. The customer was having issues with weighing on level ground which was a constant problem given the terrain they were dealing with. They were using American based equipment that

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