Choosing A Cattle Weighbridge For Your Cattle Yards

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Find the ideal weighing system for your cattle yards with this guide.

Farmers need to know the weight of their produce, and installing cattle weighing systems allow them to do so without ever having to leave the yards. A cattle weighbridge is a worthwhile investment, and through proper maintenance you can ensure your system will last for many years to come. There is a weighbridge to suit every purpose, and this guide will take you through each system so that you can select the ideal product for your needs.

Fully in-ground or pit weighbridge

This type of weighbridge is constructed through the excavation of a pit. Concrete flooring and walls are then build inside the pit to house the weighing system. Then, the weighbridge platform is laid above the weighing system at ground level. This type of weighbridge is ideal for cattle yards with limited space, because the in-ground design removes the need for boarding ramps.

However, cattle yards can be a messy place and an in-ground weighbridge can be more difficult to clean due to debris gathering in the pit area. Heavy rain can also cause the pit to fill, so this style of weighbridge requires adequate drainage.

Above ground weighbridge

An above ground weighbridge sees the weighbridge foundations constructed slightly above the surrounding surface level, with minimal excavation requirements in most cases. Cattle board and leave the weighing surface via on and off ramps.

This design can be easier to maintain and clean than most in-ground designs, however, an above ground weighbridge will require considerable space due to the need for on and off ramps. Above ground weighbridges can be installed at a lower cost, as they require minimal excavation to install.

Semi-pit weighbridge

A semi-pit weighbridge is constructed partially in the ground, allowing the weighing surface to be at ground level. As with a fully in-ground weighbridge, this style of is ideal for sites with space restrictions.

The semi-pit weighbridge is also easier to keep clean and free of debris, making it a popular choice for cattle yards.

SWIA provide a range of trade approved options for farmers looking to install a cattle weighbridge, and our regionally-based technicians mean that no job is too rural. To consult one of our experts on the ideal cattle weighbridge for your yards, contact us on 1800 SCALES.