Dual Deck Weighbridge at Brisbane City Council Quarry

Weighbridge Maintenance & Cleaning
Dual Deck Weighbridge, 28m long was recently installed at Bracalba Quarry north of Brisbane.



Having 2 x 14 metre independent weighbridge decks, Truck and Dog vehicle combination’s split weights are easily attainable. Australasia Scales weighbridges with twin/dual deck configurations display the weight on each individual weighbridge deck separately through Rinstrum R423-K401 units, a R423-K481 summing indicator is then used to display the total combined weight of both weighbridge platforms. Six CAS WBK Load Cells were fitted to the underside of each weighbridge, three external Rinstrum D740 Large Figure Remote Displays were installed on a 3m post for drivers to view the individual deck weights & a total summed weight, in addition, three Rinstrum D323 remote indicators were housed & installed to allow for remote viewing in an office over 70 metres away from the weighbridge.


The advantages of using a dual deck weighbridge at this site are that each individual trailer weight reading can be acquired for Truck & Dog combinations without requiring extended flat & level weighbridge approaches, and displaying the individual trailer weights greatly assists in avoiding truck overloading and allows for an even weight distribution across the 2 trailers. Dual deck weighbridge designs, also known as twin deck weighbridges, are available as above ground weighbridges, in-groundweighbridges or semi-pit weighbridges.