Dual Deck Weighbridge at Candy Soil, Tivoli

Logistic weighing solutions - SWIA Gold Coast

Candy Soil produces and sells quality soils and composts to the average house gardener and landscape contractors. The company approached Australasia Scales to supply and install a CAS EZY Lodec, 24 metre Dual Deck Weighbridge with CAS WBK Load Cells and a Systec IT 8000E Multi deck Universal Weighing Terminal.

This particular modular design reduces installation time and allows the weighbridge to increase in length with additional deck modules, reaching up to 50+ meters. In addition, this modular design also allows for immediate and easy relocation.

Galvanizing the entire weighbridge structure, ensures that all areas are protected by preventing rust and corrosion. The galvanized coating is metallurgically bonded to the steel structure, preventing shrinkage or cracks appearing and provides superior resistance to abrasions and water. Galvanizing our weighbridges has proven to be cost effective in the long term as it needs less maintenance.