Five Ways That Weighbridge Software Can Add Value

Five Ways That Weighbridge Software Can Add Value

How software can customise your weighbridge to suit your needs.

Weighing software allows businesses to get the most out of their weighbridges, turning them from simple scales into fully customised management systems. When it comes to weighing software, the sky is the limit. Software can be created for any purpose – from simple ticketing software to stock reporting software to assist in managing stock pile levels. Here are just five of the many ways that software can be used to increase the capabilities of your weighbridge system.

  1. Vehicle Profiling for Efficiency

Efficiency of operation is greatly increased through vehicle management software. Vehicle identification software can identify vehicles and automatically deduct tare weight to give the net weight. Vehicle profiling software can record load weights against vehicles and reports can be generated to allow management to more easily monitor the weighing process.

  1. Volume Reports for Stock Management

Weighing software can allow management to easily generate reports on remaining stock. Businesses need to know how much stock has been moved and how much remains in order to ensure that stock is managed adequately. Volume reporting software simplifies this process and allows businesses to manage stock with the click of a button.

  1. Unmanned Stations

Weighbridge stations can be expensive to run as staff are required to manage the weighing process. Weighing software can greatly reduce costs by allowing the weighbridge to operate unmanned. Ticketing software enables users to weigh their vehicle and print a ticket as a record.

  1. Easy Invoicing

Weighing software can integrate MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero or other accounting programs. This integration of accounting programs means a simplified invoicing process.

  1. Data for reports

Weighing software can allow businesses to generate a huge variety of data. Using software, reports can be generated on the number of vehicles entering your site each day, the volume of stock moved, the vehicle turnaround time and much more.

SWIA provide, install and tailor weighing software for your needs. We believe in creating efficient weighing solutions, and our weighing software complements our equipment to increase productivity and repeatability.