Freight & Transport: Four Reasons Why You Need A Weighbridge

Weighbridge installed at Alex Fraser Brisbane Site - SWIA QLD

A weighbridge is a must in shipping and transportation to ensure safety and compliance, improve traffic flow and increase efficiency and productivity.

Safety and Compliance

Overloaded vehicles pose a significant safety risk, and fines issued for incorrect loading can be severe. A calibrated and trade approved weighbridge provides assurance to drivers that the vehicles they are handling are safe and compliant.

The SWIA technical team are certified for trade approval and offer trade verification on site. The team will develop a maintenance plan tailored for your site, ensuring your equipment is regularly re-calibrated to maintain compliance and give you peace of mind.

Efficiency and Productivity

Vehicle underloading can result in lessened productivity as trucks may leave the warehouse at less than full capacity. Overloading will shorten the life of your vehicles and cause wear and tear that can quickly become expensive. A weighbridge will ensure all trucks are loaded at optimal capacity, ultimately saving you money.

SWIA will consult with you on the ideal weighbridge system for your needs. Our team will then develop a weighing solution to increase efficiency and productivity on your site.

Improved Operations

Paired with the correct software, a weighbridge becomes a comprehensive vehicle management system. Weighbridge software will allow you to collect data to produce detailed reports that assist you in managing your fleet.

Weighbridge software can store digital records of vehicle tare weight, reducing time spent weighing trucks before loading. This works to improve traffic flow and save time.

Long Term Investment

A quality weighbridge is an investment, and with regular servicing by a qualified technical team your weighbridge will last the test of time.

The SWIA Technical Team provide maintenance and repair services for all weighing equipment, including equipment purchased from other providers. The team will arrange a regularly scheduled service of you weighing equipment so that your investment lasts for many years to come.

SWIA provide, install and tailor weighing solutions for your needs. We believe in creating efficient weighing solutions, and our weighing software complements our equipment to increase productivity and reportability.