Increase Efficiency with Front-End Loader Scales

Front End Loader Scale And Gadgets

Loader scales are a fantastic addition to any job site that moves vast quantities of excavated goods by front loader or excavator. Front end loader scales increase efficiency by allowing goods to be weighed as they are loaded. The information that a loader scale gives an operator leads to greater precision when loading for transportation, maximising outputs and reducing unnecessary time waste in adjusting loads due to over or under loading when identified at/on a weighbridge.

Why You Need Front-end Loader Scales

Save Time and Money!

Front end loader scales can save time and money by integrating the weighing system into your machinery, so the goods are weighed as you move them. The weighing hardware is incorporated into the loader’s hydraulic lift lines, delivering accurate weight readings simply by lifting the front bucket at constant RPM past the speed sensor.

The front-end loader scale saves on time by eliminating the need for trucks to then stop on a weighbridge to determine if they are loaded to the correct capacity.

Stay Compliant

Overloaded vehicles pose a significant safety risk, and fines issued for incorrect loading can be severe. Front end loader scales allow you to weigh goods as you load them into trucks, helping you to ensure you are compliant with Chain of Responsibility laws by ensuring you do not overload trucks.

Increase Efficiency

Weighing trucks via weighbridge can be time consuming as trucks that are underloaded or overloaded must turn around and correct their load. The front-end loader scale allows you to weigh goods before they are loaded onto the truck, meaning that once loaded you are ready to go.

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