Weighbridge Controls: Protecting the Integrity Of Your Weighbridge

Weighbridge Controls: Protecting the Integrity Of Your Weighbridge

When investing in a weighbridge there are a lot of options you need to consider, particularly if the site will be unmanned. These weighbridge add-ons cut down the man-hours it takes to look after your system.

First, you must adhere to operational fundamentals when it comes to how to operate a weighbridge. This includes whether the weighings will be controlled by a manual or unmanned operation. The latter can cut down on employment costs associated with weighbridge management.

Additional weighbridge controls can be used as stand-alone options, or as a complete package. Each additional piece of weighbridge protection will raise the integrity of your weighbridge and improve the site’s security and efficiency. The key to an effective unmanned weighbridge is finding the right balance between operational variables, ease of use for the driver and automated control of the vehicle weighing. Done right, unmanned weighbridge systems can ensure the integrity, security and efficiency of each transaction.

From simple touch-screen driver-operated consoles to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), weighbridge systems can help keep the throughput and profitability of your site to a maximum.

1. Touch Screen Driver Operated Console (DOC)

A weighbridge driver-operated console (AKA DOC or Driver Control Station – DCS) enables the driver to complete weighing transactions 24/7, allowing your weighbridge to run smoothly without a dedicated operator. Touch-screen DOCs are simple and intuitive to use and when paired with the right NMI point of sale software. They can also be paired with proximity readers to automatically identify the driver or vehicle from long or short range.

2. Traffic Barriers & Safety Loops

Weighbridge traffic barriers and boomgates help to control the flow of vehicles on and off the weighbridge, while the safety loops ensure the barriers raise and lower correctly.

3. Vehicle Detection Loops

Weighbridge detection loops sense the approaching vehicle and control other add-ons such as traffic lights to regulate the flow of vehicles. It can also be used in lowering or raising boom gates as a safeguard measure and ensure the weighbridge is at ‘zero’ weight prior to weighing.

4. Weighbridge

The weighbridge can be installed in a pit or above ground, either on a concrete slab or piers, all depending on the environment in which it will be used. Full ground or semi-pit weighbridges can minimise the footprint of the asset on-site and can help with NMI approval for end-to-end weighing vehicles.

Above ground weighbridges have a ramp at each end and are preferred if the site can accommodate. Having weighing the electronics above ground level goes a long way towards flood damage mitigation.

5. Weighbridge Guide Rails

Weighbridge guide rails protect the vehicles from accidental drive-offs. The integrity of the vehicle weighing process is maintained should the tyre track make contact with the rail.

6. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic number plate recognition is used to detect the vehicle registration as it approaches the weighbridge.

ANPR also can facilitate clever management of vehicle movements across a site that can be integrated via weighbridge management software. This level of integration has provided particular benefit to operations where vehicles are required to dump their load in a specific area, like a landfill type operation.

7. Traffic Lights

Weighbridge traffic lights control and direct the vehicle movement on and off the weighbridge.

8. Remote Displays

Remote displays are ideal for showing high visibility scale weight reading at considerable distances. Some remote displays come with integrated traffic lights while others require the manual communication of a scrolling message to the driver.

9. Vehicle Position Sensors

Weighbridge vehicle positioning sensors ensure that the vehicle is located correctly on the weighbridge. They are ideal for ensuring the entire vehicle is on the bridge when it is weighed.

10. Video Surveillance

Weighbridge video surveillance deters site vandalism and allows remote viewing of the weighbridge and the vehicles using it. Snapshots of CCTV footage can be recorded to ensure correct identification and proof of weight transability.

11. Wind / Solar Energy

Some weighbridge operators are choosing to power their site through green energy. SWIA weighbridge solutions are compatible with these energy sources and can supply systems powered by wind or solar energy.

Weighbridge Software From SWIA

SWIA iWEIGH Software Solutions weighbridge software provides a data management solution for either single or multi-site operations. The software can be stand-alone or integrated into the plant enterprise system.

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