In Ground Steel Deck Weighbridge for Brisbane Metal Recycler

Waste Transfer Station - SWIA QLD
The fully galvanised 9m weighbridge, with a heavy duty construction design was recently installed at a metal recycler in Hemmant Queensland, this pit-type design installation is best suited to the limited space/area at this site.
Having a weighing capacity of 30,000kg, six heavy duty weighbridge load cells having a 30t weighing capacity each are fitted to the weighbridge. The Flintec RC3D load cells are fully encased and hermetically sealed in stainless steel housings, rated to IP68, this is to eliminate potential water damage if the weighbridge pit is flooded during heavy rain. Other recommended drainage solutions would also need to be considered i.e. sump pumps and or openings leading to a nearby drainage system.
A Trade Approved Rinstrum 5230 digital weight indicator display was fitted, with the ability to store weighbridge location details (address), truck rego`s, date, time, gross, tare and net weight details, which is connected to a docket printer for a hard copy of each transaction.
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