Weighing Equipment In The Manufacturing Industry

EZI Check Metal Detector - SWIA

In the manufacturing industry, weighing and inspection equipment is essential for quality control and to ensure that manufacturers are not giving away too much of their product or short-changing their customers, which can lead to loss of contracts and fines. The correct equipment will ensure that you are producing high quality and compliant products.

Inspection and Check Weighing

At SWIA, we offer a range of inspection systems designed to ensure quality control while maintaining high-speed production times. A metal detection system functions to reject products which show potential for metal contamination. They are highly sensitive and can be easily incorporated into the production line, forming an efficient quality control solution.

An inspection system will help you to ensure you reduce the risk of product recalls, give you peace of mind and the knowledge that your products are safe. Check out the EZI check metal detector page for more information.

Your metal detection system can fit seamlessly with a check weighing system. Check weighers function to promote efficiency and productivity by reducing product giveaway while maintaining packing speed. The cost of produce given away in overfilled packs can quickly add up. Check out our EZI Weigh check weighing system for more details.


In the manufacturing industry, weighbridges are often required to create a more streamlined weighing process for loaded trucks. At SWIA, we have extensive experience supplying, installing and servicing weighbridges. Backed by our After Sales Service and Maintenance Plan, all weighbridges are calibrated, tested and verified to the highest standards.

We also offer supplementary systems including:

  • Weight management software
  • Unmanned Driver Control Stations
  • CCTV Cameras
  • External-Remote Large Figure Indicator Displays,
  • Traffic Lights
  • Modular Huts
  • Boom gates

Find out more about our weighbridge systems here: https://www.swia.com.au/weighbridge-systems-and-solutions/

Waterproof scale - SWIA

Wet Area Scales

The manufacturing industry relies on equipment that facilitates faster production while still maintaining accurate portioning. Our waterproof balances deliver highly accurate weight readings along with a robust design ideal for hostile areas. The popular SW Series (part of the A&D Warrior Range) is a heavy-duty scale ideally suited for the harshest environment.