Must Have Scales For Industrial Sector

Must Have Scales For Industrial Sector

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia provide a diverse range of scale options for the industrial sector. From weighing heavy machinery, to weighing with machinery, we’ve got you covered.

Different Types of Industrial Scales


Our range of weighbridges comes in five different options to suit any application. Above ground weighbridges are ideal for cost-effective installation on larger sites. For a more compact installation, consider either the semi-pit or fully in ground weighbridge. We even cater for multi-axle trailers with our multi-deck weighbridge. This allows the weighing of an entire vehicle while still giving individual readings for axle groups. We even provide a modular option that can be installed above or in ground and can be relocated with minimal concrete foundations required.


When it comes to production, efficiency is key. Belt weighers, also known as conveyor scales, weightometers or continuous weighers, are designed to dynamically weigh product that is moving along a conveyor belt. SWIA can supply belt weighers to suit all products for all industries, from small food-grade belt weighers to heavy industrial belt weighers used in agriculture, quarries, mines, and power stations.

Loader Scales

Loader scales are a fantastic addition to any job site that moves vast quantities of excavated goods by front loader or excavator. SWIA can provide you with the means to increase efficiency by allowing you to weigh the goods as they are loaded. The information that a loader scale gives an operator leads to greater precision when loading for transportation, maximising outputs and reducing unnecessary time waste.

Talk to the professional team at Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia about scales to suit any industrial application. If you need to weigh it, SWIA has a weighing solution to help you do it — more efficiently, and more precisely.