Platform Scales In Brisbane

Platform Scales In Brisbane

At Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia we have a large range of platform scales to suit the needs of any business across a range of industries. We can supply platform scales to fit a variety of applications including:

  • Agriculture and Produce
  • Mining, Quarry and Waste
  • Retail and Food
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Medical, Health and Fitness
  • Pharmaceutical and Laboratory
  • Manufacturing

Below is a small snapshot of some of the most popular platform scales in our range.

Smaller Platform Scales

When it comes to versatility and accuracy, the CAS ADBP Platform Scale cannot be beaten. It features three resolution levels: Standard, Superior and Super Superior for different levels of accuracy as required. The large LED display assists with clarity in a fast-paced environment, and the steal-powder-coating ensures durability. With the added functionality of an optional wall mount and its check weighing function the CAS ADBP is ideal for use in packaging and processing operations where floor-space is limited.

The CAS BW Digital Weighing Scale range has a 6 – 150kg capacity scale that is trade approved. As well as being dust-proof and water-protected, this scale comes with basic counting function. The range comes in two sizes; the smaller BW-S and the larger BW- L. The BW-S is more suited to smaller applications at a range of 6-30kg, making it ideal for small businesses that still require functionality and durability. The larger BW-L has a capacity of 60 – 150kg and benefits from the added benefit of the large waterproof platform, making it suitable for use in food processing, chemical plants and warehouses.

Medium Sized Platform Scales

For operations that need something a bit larger, SWIA offers the CAS HD High Resolution Platform Scale. It comes in two option, the 150kg x 10g capacity or the 300kg x 20g capacity which lets you choose the scale that works for you. Once again offering basic weight and count function, the CAS HD also comes with a rechargeable battery for portability making it the ultimate flexible scale for any application – ideal for parts production, paint industry, or logistics centers.

Large Platform Scales

Go big or go home with the CAS HFS Platform Scale. This monstrous heavy duty 1-3 tonne scale is tailor made for pallet weighing and can suit individual needs with a range of suitable indicators. A lightweight modular steel design makes this scale one third lighter than other scales in the weight class without compromising on durability – perfect for harsh industrial environments. It also features a 1.2×1.2m anti-skid platform with custom platform sizes available on request.

SWIA is a leading provider in the Brisbane area of platform scales and related services. We have a range of other scales available to suit your business needs, platform scales are just one of the many types of ways that we can make the business of weighing easier for you. Visit the SWIA website for more information regarding our range of products and other services. Contact us at 07 3267 1187 or visit our office at 1/944 Nudgee Road Banyo, just 10 mins north of the Brisbane Airport.