Weighing Scales and Inspection equipment for Distribution & Logistics Applications

Weighing Scales and Inspection equipment for Distribution & Logistics Applications

Distribution and logistics include a broad range of activities. Moving goods from A to B whilst maintaining disciplined efficiency is no easy task, that’s why SWIA supply our clients with weighing and inspection solutions that seamlessly integrate into the distribution and logistics chain of activities.

When you rely on optimisation to turn a profit, you need our Weighing & Inspection solutions, they won’t let you down. From simple counting and platform scales up to modular weighbridges or smart customised solutions for streamlining of your activities, seamless integration backed up by exceptional after-sales service and maintenance – That’s been the SWIA way for 40+ years.

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SWIA Has Weighing Solutions For Every Step in the Distribution & Logistics Process

We can see that the future of industrial Weighing & Inspection equipment is being driven by the need for insight and control that is easy and cost-effective to deploy and requires minimal human intervention to operate. The introduction of integrated and automated solutions makes this a reality, offering – reliability, accuracy, and speed.

Here are just a few of the distribution and logistics weighing solutions that SWIA offers to our clients:

Floor Scales

Floor scales are primarily used for weighing of packages, heavy boxes, and other types of heavy loads, easily and with accuracy. They are also a popular solution when you need to measure goods in and goods out quickly or when sorting through your inventory.

Our floor scales are designed and manufactured to be durable under regular heavy-duty use. Reliability is key when you are investing in a floor scale, this is exactly what you get when you order from SWIA.

If you need more mobility when weighing heavy palletised or similar items, perhaps an integrated forklift scale might fit the bill?

Belt Weigher Scales

Belt weigher scales are a great investment when an operation needs processing speed. They operate when the conveyor is in motion and are mostly intended for weighing individual items such as cartons, boxes and packages – any distribution & logistics processes that require weighing as many items in the shortest amount of time.

Forklift scales

When you think of essential tools in the distribution and logistics industry, you immediately think of the forklift. Necessary in so many ways, from warehousing to loading of trucks and every use in between, the humble forklift is truly the swiss army knife of the industries it serves. SWIA can add to the functionality of a forklift by installing an integrated weighing system that can significantly streamline activities and improve safety.

A forklift scale installed by SWIA can optimise your movements by eliminating the need to put the object down to take the weight, ensure pallet racking is suitably rated to hold that pallet, or that truck is loaded to its maximum for efficiency fuel, upkeep and driver labour cost associated with the transportation of goods. A forklift scale will bring immediate value to the swiss army knife of the distribution and logistics industry.

Vehicle Weighbridges, Wheel Weigh Pads and Axle Weighers

Inbound and outbound freight and cargo should be weighed accurately, in order to help manage billing, inventory and cartage efficiency. The installation of a weighbridge, wheel or axle weigher also helps operations ensure health and safety requirements are met in relation to the legal maximum weight regulations of road-going vehicles. We take to time to listen to our clients to understand their objectives and roll out solutions that meet and exceed operational expectations.

The impact of accidents caused by overloading is not limited to the emotions of loved ones unnecessarily exposed to harm, it also ripples through the Chain of Responsible, holding driver, manager and employer legally accountable for the overloading of a vehicle, and remember you don’t need to be involved in an accident to feel the impact of overloading, there are heavy spot fines associated also. We can support our clients with weighing solutions that are legal for trade, which is extremely important to ensure ethically and legal trading of goods or services, but to be fair it pales in the importance of safe and responsible transport of goods on our roads. Accidents should simply not happen due to overloading. Please contact us to discuss your options.