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Medical, Health & Fitness Scales.

SWIA supplied weighing scales and measurement equipment for the medical, health and fitness sectors. Our focus is on delivering high-quality solutions by combining technology and practicality. We are a trusted supply partner for some of Queensland’s most respected health service providers.

Our range of fit-for-purpose scales are perfect for use in physicians’ and paediatricians’ offices, hospitals, remote and mobile clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, medical laboratories, fitness facilities and home gyms. Quality products are built to serve the industry, easy to operate and supported by professional after-sales service and maintenance – Where you need it, when you need it. – Queensland wide!

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Why Medical, Health & Fitness Scales Are Needed

Professionals across the medical, health and fitness sectors all need medical weighing scales and equipment to support the essential services they provide, regardless of whether it’s treating patients on dialysis, prescribing medications or working with a gym member, this precision equipment is a necessary component in monitoring one's health.

Different Types Of Medical, Health & Fitness Scales

By health and fitness, we are referring to the measurements used for personal health assessment associated with one’s general health and/or fitness program. Medical professionals require a broader range of patient weighing scales and measurement equipment as they have to deal with a very wide set of patient needs, such as weighing patients’ wheelchair or weighing a newborn baby.

Let’s look at a range of scales and medical equipment that SWIA supplies to the medical, health & fitness sectors, to meet their needs.

Wheelchair Scales

This range of patient weighing scales comes in two different design variants with two different methodologies.

One design is similar in many ways to an industrial platform scale or weigh bars – SECA 676 Wheelchair Scale, whereby a patient’s wheelchair is rolled onto the platform for a GROSS weight measurement – patient and wheelchair. Alternatively, you can place a sitting chair on the platform that can be zeroed out for a NET weight whilst the patient to rests comfortably and safely. Additionally, this design of scale is suitable for weighing bariatric patients.

The second design, the SECA 952 Wheelchair scale, however, is a mobile chair that the patient actually sits on to take the weight measurement. This is a great option for patients that are mobile but have a restrictive level of fitness, making it ideal for some age care facilities.

Toddler & Baby Scale

For paediatricians, SWIA supply toddler and baby scales like the SECA 354 Baby and Toddler scale. These baby weighing scales have a lower capacity and are ergonomically designed to ensure the child’s comfort and safety during the weighing process. A great cost-effective weighing solution that can meet the requirements for young and very young.

Stand on Flat Sales

This is a versatile weighing solution that can be used across the three sectors – medical, health and fitness. They are designed for quick and accurate weight determination, and some even include a mother/baby function to weigh both mothers, then infant, in a two-stage weighing process. We stock a range of stand on weighing scales, the A&D UC321 stand on the flat scale, for example, can be used by any number of health and fitness professionals as part of an assessment process.