Scales for Retail, Service & Food Processing Operations

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How to Choose The Right Weighing Solution For Your Operational Needs

Retail Weighing Scales

Consumer confidence is important to the retail industry. Retail customers want to get what they pay for with no hidden surprises, similarly, retailers want to ensure they're not giving away more than they should and their product is safe and free from undesirable contaminants like metal and plastic. That's why many retailers, service and food processing operations rely on SWIA Weighing & Inspection for speed, accuracy, quality control and compliance.

SWIA’s range of commercial retail scales come with features that make them the ideal solution for weighing items during sales transactions across a diverse range of retail businesses. There are bench scales and floor scales, simple to clean, removable stainless steel pans in a variety of sizes, ideal for a range of uses such as food processing and retail front-of-house.

A price computing scale with a printer, like our CAS CL-5000J Barcode Label Printing Scale, has an easy-to-read backlit display, easily visible to both the vendor and customer. These scales make cleaning simple, important in food retail where regular and thorough cleaning is necessary, from measuring dry food sold by the gram in-store to open-air fish markets – these scales are an ideal solution.

Weighing Scales For Food Processing Industry

Pre-cooked foods, packaged foods, flavoured drinks, “health” beverages, instant meals, canned foods etc- all need to be produced in clean, controlled environments. The complex production lines need the weighing solutions to be seamlessly integrated into every part of the process from the inventory control of the ingredients, to the batching of recipes, to the check weighing and inspection of packed goods, to the transportation and sale of the goods to customers – and practically every process in between.

SWIA has a range of Stainless Steel Pallet Platform Scales that can weigh large bulky loads constantly with the consistent accuracy the industry needs. Manufactured for the food processing industry, they can be used in wet areas & handle chemical environments. Easily cleanable they are a great solution for large food processing facilities.