Weighing Systems for Waste, Resource & Mining Sectors

Weighing Systems for Waste, Resource & Mining Sectors

SWIA has 30+ years of experience in supplying weighing solutions to mining, quarry and waste management clients across Queensland. Each of these industry sectors has some unique needs, their challenging operational demands require us to use our 30+ years of experience to ensure they have the products, software, service and support they need when they need it. To these clients, downtime is not an option.

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Solutions For The Mining And Resource Industries

Accurate and reliable payload measurement plays a vital role across the many different areas of the mining and resource industries. SWIA is one of Queensland’s leading supply and service professionals of wheeled loader scales, belt weighers, axle weigh pads, Bluetooth crane scale, permanent and modular weighbridge for manned and unmanned operation, in-motion vehicle axle weighing scales and crane scale. We offer numerous weigh-as-you-load and legal for trade weighing solutions that offer great benefits to the mining and resource industries.

From weighing equipment fit-for-purpose to the drill and blast industry to waste handling at council landfill and transfer facilities, there are many parts of the mining, quarry and waste operations that require the procurement of accurate weight data. It is critical when it comes to operating efficiencies, workplace safety, regulatory compliance and product sales – it all impacts the ability of revenue and profitability, also.

We also supply onboard vehicle weighing solutions such as hydraulic loader scales, excavator scales, material handling scales and tipper scales that are ideally suited to the demanding conditions of the mining resource industries. The onboard weighing systems are versatile, can be seamlessly installed on many different types of vehicle and load-bearing equipment.

Here are just three examples of weighing equipment typically used in the mining and resource industries:

Axle Weigh Pads

Highly flexible with various arrangements achieved by inserting dummy plates where needed companies use our axle weigh pads to determine the individual axle weights and total gross weight of any type of vehicle. An axle weighs pad system typically consists of one pair of portable weigh pads and a weigh indicator, sometimes with a printer, but can support any number of additional weigh pads to facilitate functional weighing of many types of axle configuration.

Axle weigh pads may be used to determine if a mine vehicle is within the legal weight limits for travelling on Australian roads. If a vehicle is found to exceed the maximum legal axle weight or total gross weight then the driver may be issued with a spot fine or reported for prosecution. Don’t gamble with the lives of others, accidents due to overloading should simply not happen, contact us about axle weigh pads or other options to ensure everyone’s safety.

Bluetooth Crane Scales

We have a trade approved Bluetooth crane scale with an easy-to-read 1.5″ LED display. Bluetooth and tele-Weigh remote control. Zero, Tare and 3x Hold functions (Average / Manual / Peak Hold). Auto power-off, Auto Zero Tracking, Weight Back-up and sleep mode. Shipped with rechargeable Battery in a sturdy aluminium die-cast housing.

The wireless Bluetooth crane scale systems are designed to help the weighing process from start to finish. The systems are not only designed and built to withstand harsh conditions but they are also designed with you, the user in mind, that's why they are fitted with easy to read screens and wirelessly transmittable data.

Modular Weighbridges

We supply modular weighbridge, permanent or portable weighbridges to the mining, quarry and waste resource industries across Queensland. These weighbridges are manufactured making use of premium materials combined with innovative technologies. We offer a range of weighbridges varying in sizes, capacities and specifications to match the needs of our clients.

All of the modular weighbridge and other weighbridge solutions we supply to the mining, quarry and waste resource Industries are stringently tested. We take pride in ensuring we only ever deliver the best products our clients have come to expect. Reliable weight measurement, high-quality electronics, excellent controls and data processing – make our weighbridges.

Weighing Systems For The Demanding Waste and Recycling Sectors

Accurate weight data plays a central role in the waste management and recycling industries. From tracking waste streams, the monitoring throughput of recyclable materials in the recovery process through to disposal of waste material in the landfill, accurate weight information is key to operational understanding and efficiency

Clients use our weighing systems to support the documentation of their Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) compliance, waste levies and legal for trade regulations. Allowing them to get on with the other challenges involved in running their day-to-day operations. As these industries revolve around weight, it is vital that they are accurate, we offer calibration services to meet this need.

Our weighing systems are used for a variety of applications – there are truck scales, floor scales and forklift scales. They all provide viable weighing solutions at every step of the process. Waste is increasingly being recognised as a valuable resource, to meet the evolving industry demands we strive to continually improve our product ranges and services.