Weighing Systems Software & Hardware

Weighing Systems Software & Hardware

SWIA provides many clients with a wide range of weighing systems software packages and hardware products that work with the weighing solutions that we provide or others provide. We are a full service, turn-key weighing solutions supplier, from calibrating load cells to installing weighbridge and automated weighing and inspection solutions, we do it all – including providing the most up-to-date weighing hardware and software to keep pace with both operators needs and technological progress.

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The right scale software and hardware transforms your raw weight information into business intelligence, which allows you to analyse and optimise your operation. SWIA software and hardware solutions are designed to work together with weighing equipment to provide weighing business intelligence to any company.

Most software packages are easily customised, configurable to suit your particular operational needs. Our scales software includes packages for simple reporting to complex real-time production management systems. They can be integrated into existing production networks and systems, combined with a range of weighing scales and indicators for a complete solution.

We provide clients with real-time monitoring solutions, using the high accuracy measurements provided from the range of the sensors we supply combined with state-of-the-art software. Fitting to new or existing systems, our installations aim to be is non-intrusive, as we work our goal will be to reduce the need for any downtime.

The information systems we supply allow data to be viewed locally on stand-alone systems or off-site. The systems we can design have optional alarm outputs that can trigger audio/visual warnings for under or overfill, and create alerts that can be emailed directly to a known set of users. Contact us to discuss your unique application.

Benefits Of Using SWIA Weighing Software & Hardware

Accurate & Reliable

Building on 30+ years of experience in industrial high accuracy weighing solutions across Queensland, our software and hardware give accurate, reliable data readings – regardless of the product being weighted or environmental challenge.


SWIAs options are some of the best quality weighing solutions on the market, a hardware and software package is cost-effective and a proven return on investment.

Multi-Industry Compatible

Whether you have a manufacturing plant, transport produce, run a mining operation or need to monitor weighbridges – in any industry, our weighing solutions can provide real-time, accurate weighing and monitoring across any industry type.