CAS BI-II Digital Splashproof Indicator

General purpose Splashproof (IP65) indicator with plastic housing, LCD display. Zero, Tare, Net/Gross. Limit (HI/LO), Counting & Percent modes. PC Command mode. RFI/EMI screened. RS-232 Interface. 6 & 4 wire load cell support. multi-point linearization (4 points).


CAS BI-II Digital Splashproof Indicator series are compact weighing Indicators with high resolution. 6 wire and 4 wire load cell support and PC command mode. The CAS BI-II series comes in ABS plastic housing with a LCD Back light display option. Rechargeable battery and Dry battery option.


  • Waterproof (IP65)
  • High resolution compact indicator
  • LCD Display
  • Zero, Tare, Net/Gross, Print, Unit selectable (kg/lb)
  • 6 wire and 4 wire load cell support
  • RFI/EMI screened
  • Multi-points linearization (4 points)
  • Full digital calibration
  • Conversion rate 60/s
  • PC command mode
  • 20 Product ID codes in-put
  • RS-232C interface


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