Compuload CL6000

The legal for trade Compuload CL6000 on-board weighing system has been designed to integrate perfectly for use on Front End Loaders, Skid Steers, Tele Handlers, Container Lifters and Forklifts and can be made legal for trade. With our comprehensive support in Queensland and exclusive agency, Compuload is the smart choice for on-board weighing solutions.


Available in two option set ups.

1. Lift Speed Compensation mode best suited for Front End Loader weighing applications this allows weighing to take place as the load is lifted and can be done in Kgs, lbs, tonnes and other units.

2. Static weighing mode which is more suitable for Forklifts.

The Compuload CL6000 modern sleek design has a host of features such as Data storage, Programmable Tare Reduction, Adjustable Decimal Point, Split Loading Function, Subtract function, Extra large 100mm x 80mm backlight display with three line weight display, Backlight keyboard, RS232 Serial output for optional printing, USB down loading and is 12-24VDC compatible.

Why do I need an On Board Weighing System?

Increased productivity:

– Prevent truck turnarounds at the weighbridge, reducing cycle times.

– Achieve more consistent loading results from the machine operators.

Improved profits:

– Chain of responsibility laws means everyone is now responsible for the safe loading of goods, thus avoiding overloading fines.

– Reduce transportation costs by avoiding overloading and unnecessary trips caused by under loading.

– Eliminate double handling of material loading correctly the first time.

Cloud-based data option available

Access your weighing data from all your CL6000 weighing machines anywhere is the world using the Compuload Cloud Interface System – CCIS.

Data Storage, Printer and USB Downloading

Storage of data against Customer, Product and Truck. These fields can be customised to suit the application if required. This stored data can be printed to the optional Compuload CL4070 compact printer which is connected to the CL6000 via the RS232 communications port. It will deliver instant, time and date stamped hard copies of all weighing information, including your Company name, Date and Time on the first three lines, and then showing individual buckets and running accumulative sub totals and grand total. This will enable traceability of inventory, proof of loading and increased productivity. When activated with the Data Storage option this will allow you to download all records or selected files to the supplied USB Flash drive for simple data transfer to your PC. These files will open with a spreadsheet software program enabling you to have electronic copies of your weighing files.





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