EZI Check Intelligent Checkweigher

New high speed in-line Checkweigher used to weigh, classify & segregate products based on weight. It is Japanese designed to provide high level performance, accuracy and reliability.


With a new consumer focus on organic and fresh ingredients, supermarkets are increasingly turning to small-to-medium sized Australian food manufacturers for their products. This increases the demands on the manufacturers’ processes, necessitating faster production while still maintaining accurate portioning. Accurate weighing of products is critical: it ensures manufacturers are not giving away too much of their product, and at the same time, are not short-changing their customers, which can lead to loss of contracts and fines.


  • Capacity up to 2000g
  • Customisable operator display
  • The modular construction reduces system downtime and lightweight structure allow easy assembly and transportation
  • A&D’s original, automatic adjustment function. It allows the user to easily set optimal parameter settings or adjustments
  • In the case of weighing several different products in a production line, it enables an operator, to switch to another production batch with minimal downtime
  • A setting can be copied to several checkweighers via a USB memory or Ethernet.
  • The checkweigher is equipped with A&D’s original, high speed, Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Enables the checkweigher to achieve ‘best in class’ weighing accuracy of 3σ=0.08g
  • Dual range model. The checkweigher’s weighing range and resolution can be selected from 500g x 0.01g or 2000g x 0.1g.
  • The checkweigher has been designed to meet the requirements of HACCP. The checkweigher’s stainless steel frame construction meets IP65 waterproof and dust resistance requirements, at an entry-level price.
  • It is lightweight whilst achieving high rigidity which results in accurate measurements
  • Unlike most checkweighers, the A&D checkweigher does not use timing-belts. This enables easier cleaning and maintenance
  • The sanitary construction prevents dirt, product or water build-up and keeps the checkweigher in a clean and hygienic state.

Checkweigher and Metal Detector – Are you meeting Supermarket Requirements


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