Quad Deck Weighbridge To Eliminate Axle Group Overloading

March 2010 Australasia Scales supplied, installed and trade verified a 28m x 3.5m in ground quad deck weighbridge at Queensland Rail Acacia Ridge.

With a total capacity of 120 tonnes the 4 concrete infill decks are supported by 16 heavy duty Flintec Load cells. The combination lengths of the decks are designed to specifically weigh B Double Truck’s individual axle groups, with a 4m section to weigh the steer axle, 6m section to weigh twin drive axle groups, 8m section to weigh first trailer tri-axle groups and a 10m section to weigh the second trailer tri-axle groups.

The in-ground quad-deck weighbridge was required to speed up weighing transactions by determining the individual axle group weights of B Double trucks and also the total vehicle weight in a single weighing operation. Although a vehicle may be under the legal total weight, if the load is not positioned correctly, it is possible for individual axle groups to be overweight, resulting in the driver and transport company being fined for exceeding vehicle axle loadings.

Each individual deck was linked to an R420 Indicator. These 4 indicators were connected to a summing unit for vehicles total weight, also supplied was a Touch Screen Driver Control Station (DCS), with an on-board industrial Computer with customised software installed and linked to the customers operating systems.

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