Announcing Our New Retail-Dedicated Service!

Retail Weighing - SWIA Weighing Equipment

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) are excited to announce our Queensland retail-dedicated service. Our retail team is headed up by a retail weighing equipment expert! We have been working in the retail sector for over thirty years and have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of this fast-paced industry.

Our Queensland Retail Service Team are committed to perfecting the retail experience. We provide and service a diverse range of equipment to deliver an efficient flow of operations and a streamlined production line.

SWIA is the one stop shop for all of your retail needs. With a team of trained technicians and a diverse product range, we are able to service, maintain and supply ALL retail equipment.

Supply and Hire

We supply everything required to create a streamlined and efficient retail experience, including:

  • User friendly price computing, label printing and integrated POS scales.
  • Integrated systems that allow you to price compute, label and wrap products after weighing in order to speed up your production line.
  • Intelligent POS Systems & Cash Registers designed to ensure efficient operational flow.
  • Printers, labels and all auxiliary items.


In the retail industry, accurate weighing equipment is essential to reduce product giveaway and create long term cost saving. Our experienced technicians are able to provide full calibration and verification services to ensure your equipment is always accurate. They are also certified by the National Measurement Institute to provide verification of weighing equipment for trade approval.


In cases of equipment breakdown, our dedicated service team are able to service and repair all brands of retail weighing equipment. We are committed to servicing all jobs in a timely manner to reduce downtime and ensure you can deliver to your customers.