SECA Preferred Supplier & Servicers

SECA Preferred Supplier & Servicers

For hospitals and other health providers, accurate weighing is paramount to the health and wellbeing of patients. From neonatal scales to dialysis scales, precise and accurate weight readings are an essential element of quality care. At SWIA, we are the preferred supplier and servicer of all SECA equipment. Our team has extensive training to supply, install and maintain all SECA weighing equipment.

Smaller Platform Scales

We stock and supply a huge range of medical measuring systems and scales through SECA. From baby weighing and paediatric scales to wheelchair and dialysis scales, SECA produces a large range of high-quality weighing equipment for the medical sector.

Our status as a preferred supplier of SECA products means that we have the experience and knowledge to help you select the ideal scales for your purposes and manage the installation of equipment and groundworks for any larger equipment.

SWIA is also qualified to train your team on the correct use of your weighing equipment. We are able to assess your equipment to ensure it is being used correctly and make recommendations about additional equipment to meet your needs.

Servicing SECA Equipment

Our service team is trained to service all weighing equipment and attend regular training to remain up to date on SECA equipment.

Maintenance and SLA’s

Dust, humidity and a range of other environmental factors can contribute to weighing equipment becoming inaccurate over time. For this reason, recalibration of scales is required on an ongoing basis.

For the health sector, where accurate measurements are crucial, we recommend a scheduled service and maintenance plan. Find out more about our Service Level Agreements here.


In busy hospitals and health centres, weighing equipment is placed under considerable stress. When people’s health is on the line, equipment breakdown can be very serious. SWIA has extensive training in servicing SECA equipment, and are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to reduce equipment downtime.

Our service and sales team attend regular training delivered by SECA to stay up to date on all the latest products in medical weighing. Contact us today to arrange the supply or service of weighing equipment through our expert team.