SWIA Service Agreements

SWIA Service Agreements

Sensortronic Weighing and Inspection Australasia (SWIA) has been servicing weighing equipment for over thirty years. We specialise in providing service and maintenance for all weighing equipment, as well as the supply, installation, calibration and verification of weighing and inspection equipment and software.

Weighing and inspection scales should be regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure accurate weight readings, equipment longevity and reduced production downtime.

Our Reach

With offices in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton and Townsville, as well as mobile technicians who are constantly on the road, we are uniquely positioned to service all sites in a timely manner.

In the retail industry, accurate weighing equipment is essential to reduce product giveaway and create long term cost saving. Our experienced technicians are able to provide full calibration and verification services to ensure your equipment is always accurate. They are also certified by the National Measurement Institute to provide verification of weighing equipment for trade approval.

Trade Verification

We understand that trade verification is a legal requirement for many businesses, and our expert technical team have metrological certification from NMI that allow them to verify weighing equipment for trade approval.

Service and Maintenance Packages

We provide service agreements for regular, scheduled maintenance to ensure equipment remains calibrated and in full working order and deliver peace of mind to our clients. Our agreements include a combination of:

Corrective Maintenance

We are committed to ensuring your business achieves uptime all time. Our mobile technical support team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Preventative Maintenance

Our experienced technicians will arrive on site to deliver regular, scheduled maintenance. They are able to inspect and maintain equipment, preventing breakdowns and ensuring you have uptime all the time!

Predictive Maintenance

SWIA can provide predictive maintenance, making recommendations based on both data and experience.

Total Preventative Maintenance

Total Preventative Maintenance includes all items from general preventative maintenance, as well as training on all equipment use, such as how to:

  • Clean the equipment to ensure peak performance and longevity.
  • Disconnect power during storms to prevent damage to indicators/display.
  • Create/use a clean and stable electrical power source
  • What to avoid.
  • Inspection of restrains to ensure adequate clearances
  • Training drivers and operators on:
  • Correct speed of approach and appropriate braking (for weighbridges)
  • Correct rate of loading into bin/platform weighing instrument.

At SWIA, we provide maintenance and repair services for all weighing equipment, including equipment purchased from other providers. Contact us today on 1800 SCALES to develop a tailored service agreement for your business