Stiffened Raft Slab Weighbridge – Gatton Weighbridge Foundation Solution

Stiffened raft slab weighbridge foundation solution for Gatton Waste Facility`s new 20m above ground concrete deck infill weighbridge.

Prior to construction, an independent soil test report indicated moderately to highly reactive soil conditions with a low soil compaction – Australasia Scales standard Weighbridge Foundation’s design is based on stable soil conditions having a minimum soil bearing capacity of 160kpa, so this meant a redesign was necessary. An experienced structural engineer with over a decade in weighbridge foundations redesigns was consulted, and the resultant recommendation was for a stiffened raft/floating slab foundation.

Expansive clay soils and other uncontrolled fills shrink and swell significantly throughout the year in response to moisture levels and are common in Queensland and parts of other Australian states. This shrink / swell cycle puts large pressures on in-ground foundations and is responsible for weighbridge foundation cracking and movement which can cause inaccuracies and poor weighbridge performance. The raft foundation avoids many of these issues by having a lattice (crossed and fastened together) of steel reinforced concrete ribs and beams to provide support and stiffness.

An independent soil test report prior is a must to determine and confirm suitability of a weighbridge foundation solution, and detailed engineers structural calculations are provided by Australasia Scales for any specific redesigned, as outside of a standard design, these are not “one size fits all”.

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