Strawberry Season: Are you ready?

Strawberry Season: Are you ready?

Strawberry season is a very important time for farmers across Queensland and weighing equipment is a necessary part of the process to make sure shipments are being released correctly. Fortunately, SWIA has equipment that will help you successfully navigate strawberry season in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

Field Picking Scales

Our team travelled to strawberry fields and worked directly with the industry to design a scale that would fulfil the needs of the pickers while ensuring efficiency for farmers. Sensortronic now provides the only trade approved picking scales with picker and field total recording and reporting that is specifically designed for strawberry picking. This can save farmers over 5% of crop give away- providing a clear return on your weighing scales investment within a very short period of time!

The software makes it extremely easy to keep track of yield totals, allowing for simple steps to give efficient and accurate readings. Pickers scan their ID tag and enter the number of trays they are weighing, and the scales will automatically deduct the weight of the trays to find the net weight of the strawberries. This information is then stored in a database for employers to generate reports or look up what each employee picked.

Strawberry Scale

Pre-Packing Check Scales

Sensortronic also supplies scales with innovative traffic light technology. These scales can be programmed with a maximum and minimum weight and an LED light will flash red or green to indicate whether the item is within the programmed weights. This technology allows workers to responded more quickly than numeric display scales, and the lights translate across any possible language barrier. This scale promotes productivity by reducing over or underfilled packs and increasing speed of overall production.

Traffic Light Scales

Metal detectors & Check-Weigher

Metal detectors are a crucial aspect within a production line. These systems offer high sensitivity detection with simple and easy operation to enable safe delivery of product to your consumers. The operating system is simple and adjusting the sensitivity settings to suit the needs of the product is easy. Images of the product can be uploaded via an external USB, allowing product identification to be fast and simple.

The check-weigher used with the metal detector streamlines the quality control process. This minimises giveaway material in relation to the regulated weight per punnet and allows for high speed processing. This system is efficient for measurement of small, long and light products, and offers up to 10 groupings with 100 products recorded within each group.

EZI Check Intelligent Checkweigher 2 - SWIA