SWIA Scale Servicing On The Sunshine Coast

SWIA Scale Servicing On The Sunshine Coast

The Right Tools for the Job 

Having precise and reliable weighing equipment across all industries is vital, from pharmaceuticals and medical industries to mining and wastage sites, accurate weighing is paramount to an efficient process. Having regular servicing on an ongoing basis will not only help to maintain current equipment, but also aid in preventing future breakdowns and potentially severe fines due to underweights on packaged goods and or overloading of freight vehicles. If you are on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we have local resources and personnel to carry out scale servicing in your area.

Tailoring Scales

Remember that each industry sector requires specific scales and weighing equipment, from smaller platform scales to large scale mining equipment, and therefore each requires specific servicing. In the mining sector, we supply a range of different servicing options for; weighbridges, front end loader scales, belt weighers, reach stacker scales, forklift scales, and loadcell technology incorporated into the vehicle to name a few. For manufacturing sectors, dust, humidity and a range of other environmental factors can contribute to weighing equipment becoming inaccurate over time. That is why regular servicing of scales and other weighing equipment is important as false readings could cause severe inefficiencies and pose safety risks. Tailoring to fit any specific needs of the mining, quarry, waste and medical industries, we aim to provide a professional method of servicing of all scale types to ensure that your workplace can continue to work efficiently.

We’re Here to Help

Our mobile technical support team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies and equipment malfunctions. Our experienced technicians will arrive on-site to deliver their professional and experienced support to inspect, fix and prevent further breakdowns.

Our recent expansion in the south-east of Queensland aims to provide a greater increase in efficient production and safer workplaces from our regular servicing and repairs, alongside preventing faulty equipment and breakdowns. We have now employed 2 technicians on the Sunshine Coast in Scale Servicing who are ready and waiting to help with any servicing requirements that you need. Contact us today about how we can organise your routine equipment servicing.