SWIA Weighbridge Upgrade On The Sunshine Coast

SWIA Weighbridge Upgrade On The Sunshine Coast


At SWIA, our service packages aim to ensure that your weighbridge and other industrial weighing equipment are accurate and are in full working order. Our over 30 years of servicing experience across Queensland has taught us how to approach each problem to ensure all clients have peace of mind when we install, maintain and upgrade any SWIA product.

Our Travels

Our travels to Booyal Quarries north of the Sunshine Coast saw us perform the necessary adjustments, inclusions and upgrades on their weighbridge. Improving on the current systems, our technicians were able to install the 6 CAS WBK 25 tonne load cells to help prepare for the quarry’s further production efficiencies, all within a single day ensuring minimal disruption to the business whilst we were on sight. Our other experiences have seen us carry-out upgrades at the Boral Quarry site, Hervey Bay, where we replaced old load cells and the weighbridge indicator display. Our years of experience within the industry has seen us rise to meet any weighing related challenge and find quick and definitive solutions to ensure all work can continue at an optimal rate.

Finding Peace of Mind

Operators must ensure vehicles are not overloaded beyond Maximum Vehicle Gross Mass Limits, as these pose great safety risk to all road users when overloaded, and businesses can and do face hefty fines for breaching these requirements. Calibrating your weighbridge provides assurance to drivers that are handling the vehicles, along with necessary peace of mind to all employees and the general public. Equipment maintenance is vital to creating an efficient system. When weighbridges break down, productivity is decreased and ultimately revenue is lost. Regular servicing will ensure your weighing equipment remains in working order and reduce your operating downtime. Contact our team to get more information on how you can ensure precise and accurate weighing results and maintain reliable working weighing equipment.