Transport & Logistics: Why Regular Maintenance Is A Must For Weighing Equipment

How you can ensure safety, compliance and efficiency through regular maintenance

In transport and logistics, truck operators need access to efficient, reliable and safe technology. Weighing equipment is used in a variety of ways in the transport industry, and it requires ongoing maintenance to keep this equipment in good condition. Regular servicing by a qualified technical team will ensure accurate weight readings, reduce downtime and increase the lifespan of your weighing equipment.


Weighing equipment used in transport and logistics must be accurately calibrated as a matter of safety. Truck weights must be within the legal limit, and if your weighbridge does not accurately reflect load masses then you risk significant legal ramifications. A qualified technical team can inspect and recalibrate your equipment to ensure it is giving correct weight readings.

SWIA provide a technical support team who are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our team have metrological certification from the National Measurement Institute that allow them to verify weighing equipment for trade approval.


Transport and logistics is all about maximising efficiency, and equipment maintenance is vital to creating an efficient system. When weighing systems break down, productivity is decreased and ultimately revenue is lost. Regular servicing will ensure your weighing equipment remains in working order and reduce your operating downtime.

In addition to this, incorrect calibration can result in lessened productivity as trucks may leave the warehouse at less than full capacity. Our technical team will regularly service and recalibrate your equipment, ensuring that weight readings are always accurate, and trucks are loaded to full capacity.

Equipment Longevity

A quality weighbridge is an investment that will last for many years, however over time equipment can sustain damage. Regular service will ensure your equipment remains in good condition. Performing minor repairs in the short term will prevent significant damage from developing.

SWIA believe in ensuring your equipment will last the test of time. Our technical team will inspect your equipment, repair damages, replace broken hardware and remove debris.

At SWIA, we provide maintenance and repair services for all weighing equipment, including equipment purchased from other providers. We can arrange a regularly scheduled service of you weighing equipment.