Waterproof Platform Scales For Water Park

Waterproof platform and display - SWIA Weighing Equipment Brisbane

Waterproof Platform Scales for safe riding at Jamberoo Action Park`s new ride the ‘Funnel Web’.


February 2013 Australasia Scales supplied a Fully Stainless Steel washdown platform scale fitted with an IP68 Waterproof Rinstrum X320 indicator. The X320 indicator comes with built-in Check Weigh function – (HI/LOW) set to activate the green LED light when a weight of less than 320kg`s is applied and activate the red LED light when over the set target weight.

This is to ensure each ride is safely loaded, with an as even as possible weight distribution of the 4 maximum riders at any given time. In addition to rider safety & comfort, a non-slip, durable, soft rubber mat was fixed to the top of the platform.

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