Weighbridge Solutions & Servicing Queensland

SWIA provides service and maintenance options to clients across Queensland, we ensure their weighbridge, like all other weighing and inspection equipment, consistently delivers accurate information and is in full working order.

This is an essential addition to our weighbridge systems packages, simply because your investment in accuracy is paramount.

We have been servicing weighing equipment across Queensland for over 30 years. We are delivering peace of mind to our clients through scheduled servicing packages.

From an investment perspective, the weighbridge costs are considerable, so it’s essential that the weighbridge systems perform optimally.

Weighbridge Servicing Queensland

"We supply scales for all situations from weighbridges, silos, belt weighers, “in motion” check weighing, to analytical balances, electronic platform scales and price computing scales. Sensortronic Australia operates on a “quality first” philosophy, always remembering that ease of operation is of paramount importance."

Why Scheduled Servicing Of Weighbridges Is Important

Correctly Load Vehicles

Overloaded goods vehicles pose a significant safety risk to operators and other road users, and large fines are issued for overloading.

A calibrated truck weighbridge not only provides legal for trade measurement of products or services, but also provides much-needed assurance to employers, manager, drivers and other road users, that the vehicles using our roads are safely loaded and compliant.

We understand their attention needs to be on delivering their goods, safely and on time.

Reduce The Risk of Breakdowns

Equipment maintenance is vital to creating an efficient system. When portable weighbridge breaks down, this affects productivity and safety which will ultimately impact on your business.

Regular servicing will ensure that your weighing equipment remains in full working order and reduce or eliminate you’re the downtime of your equipment.

Equipment Longevity

Weighbridges are an investment that will last for many, many years, however, over time wear and tear will occur.

A regular service contract with SWIA technicians will ensure the equipment you invested in, remains in optimal condition. Performing minor maintenance in the short term can prevent significant damage and downtime from occuring.

At SWIA, our team can supply, install and service your weighbridge. Our team can also develop a maintenance plan tailored for your site, to ensure your equipment is regularly re-calibrated to maintain compliance and give you peace of mind.

Our agreements include a combination of corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance activities or recommendations. Find out more here.