Chain of Responsibility – Weighing and Software Solutions!

Distribution & Logistics

As of October, changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law mean that now, every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities. This means that all persons involved in the supply chain, from the fleet owners to the drivers, are responsible for minimising risk by doing all that is reasonable to ensure safety.

At Australasia Scales, we provide transport industry solutions to ensure that all vehicles are road safe and compliant and create accountability at each level of the chain of responsibility.

Data Management Software

Data management software is key to show that both the site managers and vehicle operators are meeting their duty to ensure safety.

Data management software will log and store truck weights for reporting purposes, allowing site managers to develop a record to show that all vehicles leaving their site are compliant. This software can also print a ticket for drivers of their vehicle weights so that they can keep a record showing that they have satisfied their duty to minimise risk and ensure safety.

SWIA provide, install and tailor weighing software for your needs. We believe in creating efficient weighing solutions to give our clients peace of mind. Our weighing software complements our equipment to increase reportability and assist management in ensuring all vehicles leaving their premises are road safe and compliant.


Overloaded vehicles pose a significant safety risk, and fines issued for incorrect loading can be severe. A calibrated weighbridge provides assurance to drivers that the vehicles they are handling are safe and compliant.

At SWIA, our expert team can supply, install and service your weighbridge. The team can also develop a maintenance plan tailored for your site, to ensure your equipment is regularly re-calibrated to maintain compliance and give you peace of mind.

On Board Weighing

On board weighing systems are another way of ensuring that vehicles are safely loaded. At SWIA, we provide a number of on board weighing solutions, including:

  • Front end loader scales
  • Reach stacker scales
  • Forklift scales
  • Loadcell technology incorporated into the vehicle

At SWIA, we believe in delivering peace of mind to our clients by providing systems to ensure that vehicles are loaded safely and creating accountability at each level of the chain of responsibility. Contact us today to talk about a chain of responsibility solution for your business.