Chain of Responsibility: Weighing Equipment for Compliance

Weighing Equipment for Compliance

The Heavy Vehicle National Law requires every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain to ensure the safety of their transport activities. This means that all persons involved in the supply chain, from the fleet owners to the drivers, are responsible for minimising risk by doing all that is reasonable to ensure safety.

Equipment for Compliance

We provide a range of transport industry solutions to ensure that all vehicles are road safe and compliant and create accountability at each level of the chain of responsibility. Find out more about our equipment here.

Ensuring Accuracy

Another key consideration is ensuring your equipment is operating correctly. Equipment breakdowns will reduce productivity and could result in non-compliant vehicles leaving your premises. Without regular maintenance, weighing equipment can also begin to give inaccurate readings.

Businesses operating in the transport industry can protect themselves against these risks through a regular maintenance schedule. At SWIA, we provide bespoke Service Agreements to ensure you equipment is accurate at all times.

“SWIA will call to remind us that our equipment is due for a re-verification. It gives us a lot of peace of mind to know they are on top of it,” said Jason Chapman, Electrical Maintenance Planner at Sibelco Parkhurst.

Our technicians will visit your site, audit your equipment and present a recommended Service Agreement based on experience and training. Our Service Agreements save money, increase efficiency and give you peace of mind! Find out more here.

At SWIA, we believe in delivering peace of mind to our clients by providing systems to ensure that vehicles are loaded safely and creating accountability at each level of the chain of responsibility. Contact us today to talk about a chain of responsibility solution for your business.