Why Choose A Weighing In-Motion Weighbridge?

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Weighing up the pros and cons of a weighing in-motion axle weighbridge

In transport and logistics, timing and efficiency are of vital importance. This need for efficiency must be balanced with accurate weight readings for compliancy purposes. For this reason, Australasia Scales provide and install the Weighing In-Motion (WIM) axle weighbridge. This innovative technology represents a faster, more efficient and cost-effective alternative to static weight stations.

Efficiency is key

The biggest strength of the weighing-in-motion axle weighbridge is its processing rate. Trucks can be weighed as they travel. This results in a significantly greater number of weighed vehicles in a shorter period of time, especially when compared with static axle weighing, meaning less time is wasted at the weighbridge. Although this style of weighbridge cannot be trade approved, they are ideal for industries such as transport and logistics, where vehicles are weighed for compliancy purposes and not sale purposes.

SWIA provide weighing-in-motion axle weighbridges that are ideal for congested sites where speed and compliancy is key. The Australasia Scales weighing-in-motion axle weighbridges are designed to prevent queues and ensure a smooth flow of operation.

Safety and Compliancy

The overloading of vehicles in the transport industry poses a significant safety risk. In addition to this, financial penalties for overloaded vehicles are severe. Weighing-in-motion axle weighbridges assist with the identification of such vehicles before they reach public roads.

An axle weighbridge has the added advantage of weighing each axle individually so that operators know how much stress is being placed on each section of the vehicle and can ensure the weight is distributed safely.

The SWIA technical team provide a comprehensive installation and calibration service to ensure accurate readings and protection for your business.

Cost effective

The weighing-in-motion weighbridge will assist your business in reducing costs. Vehicles are processed more quickly, allowing for tighter distribution schedules and higher profits. As well as this, when overloaded vehicles can be instantly identified, the risk of infringement fines is greatly reduced.

SWIA provide, install and calibrate weighing-in-motion weighbridges to meet client needs. We have been meeting the weighing needs of Queenslanders for over thirty years. To consult one of our experts on the ideal weighbridge for you, contact us on 1800 SCALES.