Saleyard Cattle Weighbridge Refurbishment

Australasia Scales Central Queensland service team refurbished a Saleyard’s Cattle Weighbridge. The loadcell mounts were identified to be in poor  rusty condition. This would likely result in a critical failure in the near future.  Our experienced service team reused the existing CAS WBK loadcells that have proven to be a robust and reliable option in this harsh environment, for a ‘like new’ repair. The bearing plates and threaded rods were replaced and welded into position.

Australasia Scales preventative maintenance servicing has once again proved its value of minimising breakdowns and saving on production down time.  A critical failure could have resulted in the weighbridge collapsing. A timely and costly issue to resolve.

Thorough servicing and sound advice has given a new life into this old machine. Australasia Scales continues to maintain a high standard of workmanship and knowledge from all aspects of metrology.