Restoring An Existing Weighbridge

Old Weighbridge - SWIA QLD

Make your old weighbridge like new again, with a Australasia Scales refurbishment!

concrete in-fill weighbridge deck will typically out live the electronic weighing hardware that it sits atop. Australasia Scales can provide refurbishment including new or existing hardware


In most cases our team can retro-fit your weighbridge with a brand new, digital or analogue loadcell system, with minimal to no alternations to existing mounts

Below Australasia Scales removed a Mettler Toledo digital system and replaced with Flintec digital – For modularity and economy with spare parts plus a ‘non-proprietor’ approach to digital loadcell technology

Before  After


Sometimes we may need to modify mounting arrangement if loadcell mounting plates are not in a suitable condition or not suitable for a bolt-on retro-fit installation

Below Australasia Scales replaced an A&D analogue double-ended shear-beam type loadcell system with the Flintec digital canister type loadcell system, installed atop concrete plinths for improved performance under the conditions and to resolve a prevalent binding issue

– Binding?

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This particular site’s weighbridge is a Semi-pit weighbridge foundation. Customer’s product building up in the weighbridge pit, would cause regular performance implications through binding, given the center load deflection by nature of a double-ended shear-beam loadcell design. The canister type loadcell with it’s top and bottom, cup and pedestal load transfer is less susceptible to the issue of debris build up around the loadcell


If the hardware is fine, but the mounts are failing perhaps refurbishment of the mounting arrangement is all that is required?

Below Australasia Scales arranged the fabrication of heavy hot-dipped galvanised steel mounts and replaced the original rusted and fatiguing mounts to extend the life of this cattle scale

The slow degradation of the mounting hardware was closely monitored and communicated by our professional service team, back to our client at routine preventative maintenance service intervals to allow our client to anticipate repair costs and plan for a timely installation

Saleyard Refurbishment