Strawberry Field Scale Custom Solution

Australasia Scales designed and supplied a Strawberry Field Scale. Strawberry farmers use this scale for keeping track of pickers totals. The scale incorporates a printer and CSV database which reports on each pickers totals for a specific date period.

The picker brings their picked strawberries to the scale, enter their ID and choose how many trays of strawberries they will be weighing. The pre-set tare for each tray is subtracted from the gross weight and leaves the net weight to be displayed.

Furthermore, this solution can be completely customised to suit each application and can include using RFID tags instead of a numeric ID for each picker.

Additional Features:

  • Picker ID Entry or RFID Tag
  • Number of Trays
  • Pre-set Tare for trays
  • Printing
  • Stored to CSV (USB Extractable) optional

Australasia Scales has been working with the Strawberry picking industry for a number of years developing solutions to simplify processes and boost productivity.