Industry Solutions For Quality Control

Industry Solutions For Quality Control

In light of recent events surrounding contaminated strawberries, ensuring quality control is more important than ever. At Australasia Scales, we provide provides two effective systems; the metal detector and check-weigher to streamline the quality control process ensuring successful and efficient processing.

Metal Detection

Metal detectors form a critical element within the production line, while offering effective air reject operations to reject products that show potential for contamination. These systems offer high sensitivity detection with simple and easy operation to enable safe delivery of product to your consumers.

Metal detectors include a simple and easy operation system, while the sensitivity settings can be adjusted to suit the needs of the product. Product images can be quickly uploaded to the metal detector from an external USB memory, making product identification and upload fast and simple. Furthermore, these systems offer an operation history function, assigning each user an appropriate level of access according to their position. Allowing those involved in the operation of these systems to be managed.

Check Weighing

The check-weigher used in conjunction with the metal detector streamlines the quality control process, allowing for high speed processing and minimising giveaway material in relation to the regulated weight per punnet. This system is effective for measurement of small, long and light products. Offering up to 10 different groupings with 100 products recorded within each group.

Australasia Scales can also offer x-ray technologies should you wish you manage your risk further.

Australasia Scales Team

It is important to note that most systems available are off the shelf in Australia, so it is important to ensure you are working with a trusted and industry specific expert. Australasia Scales have been installing inspection systems across Queensland for thirty years.

We stress no inspection system is 100% failsafe, but the above methods can reduce your risk and future proof your livelihood considerably.

Australasia Scales provides a free onsite audit to assess requirements for weighing and inspection of equipment. Instalment is efficient and provides the opportunity to simplify the quality control process while increasing accuracy and quality. For further enquiries to manage your risk, please contact Australia Scales today.