Must Have Equipment For Food Processing

Must Have Equipment For Food Processing

In food processing, weighing and inspection equipment is essential for quality control and to ensure that manufacturers are not giving away too much of their product or short-changing their customers, which can lead to loss of contracts and fines. Read about the three must-have pieces of weighing and inspection equipment for food processing here.

1: Inspection System

At Australasia Scales, we offer a range of inspection systems designed to ensure quality control while maintaining high-speed production times.

A metal detection system functions to reject products which show potential for metal contamination. They are highly sensitive and can be easily incorporated into the production line, forming an efficient quality control solution.

Australasia Scales can also offer x-ray technologies to assist in managing risk further.

2: Check Weighing System

Check weighing systems function to promote efficiency and productivity by reducing product giveaway while maintaining packing speed. It is well known that the cost of products given away in overfilled packs can quickly add up, but these scales can efficiently reduce this cost to ensure productivity and maintain profit margins. At Australasia Scales, we offer a range of check weighing systems to suit all production lines.

Our Pre-Packing Check Scales use a traffic light system to indicate whether products are over or underfilled. Workers can respond to the light system far more quickly than by looking at numeric weight display, and the traffic light weighing transcends any language barriers.

3: Trade Approved Scales

Trade approval is a legal requirement for all weighing equipment used in the sale of goods. The Australasia Scale team have metrological certification from the National Measurement Institute that allows them to verify weighing equipment for trade approval.

At Australasia Scales, we supply a large variety of scales designed for the food processing industry. Our highly qualified team also provide service, maintenance, and trade approval for all scale brands. Contact us today for further information about our weighing and inspection solutions.